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The rising action is a punch in the face. The falling action is an introduction.

Towards heaven is the description of the joke. Towards the abyss is the punchline.

Conversion is like a burn. A psychological kill shot. Battle scar. The badge of approval. The losing of oneself. Gravity.

Attraction. Until it hits the limit. The nuke. Destroyer of life. The exponential advancement of pure being. Overloaded, it dies and reboots.

The faults of the individual are abundant enough to drown the world.

Willpower fades when it isn't supplemented with sufficient conviction. Outer change slowly fades without inner change. It's an unnatural way to live. A way to live in hell by forcing upon yourself the ways of how you think you should act. This is a form of lying and self-deceit. It is not an honest representation of the individual and how that particular individual should orient themselves in the world. It's an inner sickness that is overshadowed and further suppressed by the consumption of entertainment, goods, and the heightening of status and power.